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Aspen View Approves 2017-18 Operating Budget
The Aspen View School Division has approved their 2017-18 budget, with a deficit of $15,995.
Trustees have unanimously approved the budget, which is estimating revenue at $41.97 million, down about $1.07 million from 2016-17, due to an anticipated drop in enrolment numbers.

Aspen View expects to have 95 fewer students across the division.
Given the reduction in funding, budgeted expenses have also been reduced by about four per cent, to $41.99 million dollars.
Staff at Aspen View say they are committed to maintaining programming, despite continued reductions over the last few years.
There is a reduction in staffing costs due to the drop in student numbers.
However, according to the division, the most significant savings are in services, contracts and supplies, as well as non-school operating expenses.

"Every effort has been made to ensure enrolment projections are accurate, however, any further decline in enrolment beyond projections will require the board to reevaluate spending decisions," wrote Communications Officer Ross Hunter in an email.
Back in March, trustees said they were "profoundly disappointed" with the 2017 Alberta budget.
They noted that despite lobbying for it, there wasn't any change to the per-student funding model which "penalizes rural Alberta when enrolment is declining."

Three years’ of declining enrolment has left Aspen View with no funding increases, while expenses continue to increase.

June 13, 2017 - Victor Kaisar (vkaisar@newcap.ca)

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