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County To Meet Canada Post over PO Box Issue
Canada Post continues to leave some Athabasca County residents wondering what is going on.
People have gotten letters saying they're free mailboxes will be moved to either Colinton or Perryvale.
It's either that, or they have to start paying to keep their Athabasca boxes.
Apparently, there are no empty mailboxes in Athabasca, and there's no room to add more, leading to Canada Post make these changes.

"The renewal process includes checking proof of residence to see if the Athabasca [Post Office] is the prime mode of delivery (free) for that customer or if it is a convenience," wrote Rita Bjornson, a Local Area Superintendent with Canada Post.

In a letter to County Manager Ryan Maier, Bjornson noted she has instructed the Athabasca Post Office to conduct an audit of their postal customers as they come to renew their boxes.
She confimed that in the past people in the Colinton boundary area were given Athabasca boxes as there weren't vacant boxes in Colinton. That, she noted, has since been corrected.

"It is the customers choice where they receive their mail. However, if it is not Colinton, they will have to pay the convenience fee for their postal box," Bjornson continued in her letter.
However, not everyone is buying what Canada Post is telling them.

"If there is a space issue in Athabasca, fix it in Athabasca," said Councillor Larry Armfelt, believing there is room to expand in Athabasca.
"Don't send people elsewhere."
County Councillors have agreed it's time to make some noise over the issue. They've going to meet with Canada Post reps to discuss their concerns.

"I'm sure there's a way to fix this," noted Kevin Haines.
"Some of the boxes have been with people's families for two to three generations. Charging people all of a sudden is not a good way to do business."

May 29, 2017 - Victor Kaisar (vkaisar@newcap.ca)

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