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River Headlines

April 23rd
RCMP Seek Public's Help

Athabasca RCMP are looking to the public for help in solving a case of Break and Enter at Flip's Gymnastics.
Police reports are indicating that two suspects broke into the Athabasca Agriplex, during the overnight hours of last Tuesday.
It is said the suspects broke down two doors and broke into several lockboxes.
Police say this is the second time this year that the Agriplex has been broken into.
Any information on this case is to be forwarded to Athabasca RCMP or Crimestoppers.
April 22nd
Boyle RCMP Searching for Public's Help

Boyle RCMP are seeking the public's help in solving a case of theft in the Grassland and Wandering River area.
Police reports indicate that sometime between March 3rd and 24th, suspects entered a construction site and stole a 54-inch IMAC Digging Bucket for backhoe machinery.
The public's help is requied.
Any information on this case is to be forwarded to Boyle RCMP or Crimestoppers.
April 21st
RCMP says Beware of Fraud

Courtesy: Newcap News Network
RCMP around the region are reminding residents to be aware of safeguarding their personal information.
Numerous complaints have been received by the authorities regarding scams targeting residents.
A recent scam involves a person, claiming to be with the RCMP advising of an overdue tax bill.
The caller says that the bill needs to be paid, or you will be arrested.
Other calls include a person claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support and advising that you have a computer virus.
The person will get you to provide information on access to your computer, which they also use to obtain your personal and credit card information.
Authorities are advising that if you receive these types of calls, and have not lost money, you can report the incident to the Canadioan Anti-Fraud Center.
If you are a victim, you are asked to contact the fraud center, and your local RCMP detachment.
April 17th
River Advisory in Effect...
Courtesy: Newcap News Network

An advisory has been issued concerning ice breakup on the Athabasca River,

Sustainable Resource Development says the advisory covers the regions between the town of Athabasca to Fort McMurray...

Officials say the ice has been deteriorating for the past few weeks--and people need to be aware that water levels can change rapidly.

Right now there's an "above normal" risk of ice jams and flooding along the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers at Fort McMurray.

April 16th
Drunk Driver Caught in Boyle

Boyle RCMP are reminding motorists to not consume alcohol and driving.
Reports indicate they received a complaint of a pick-up driving erratically on Highway 63, back on April 5th.
Police also say that speeds during this incident, allegedly reached 170 km/h.
Witnesses say the driver was throwing beer cans out the window before pulling into a gas station.
Officers conducted a traffic stop, and demanded breath samples from the GDL driver.
After failing the test, the driver was immediately suspended from driving for 30 days, and his vehicle seized for 7 days.
RCMP are reminding motorists to not drink and drive and provincial sanctions begin at .05 for a reading.
April 15th
Road Bans in Effect...

The County of Athabasca is implementing Road Bans, within the County boundaries.
The provisions are under a County by-law, and under the Highway Traffic Act.
Township Road 670 has a 50% axle weight restriction.
The Caslan North Road, the Golden Noddings Road, the Westwind Trailer Park Road, the ALPAC "C" Road, Township Road 680, The Perryvale Access Road, and all paved roads in the hamlets of Atmore, Caslan, Colinton, Grassland, Perryvale, Rochester, and Wandering River, all have 75% axle weight restrictions.
And the Grosmont Road, Pine Grove Road, and South Athabasca Road, all have 90% axle weight restrictions on them.
More information can be found by contacting the County of Athabasca Office, or by logging onto their website.
April 11th
Boyle RCMP Arrest One Man

Boyle RCMP have a 40 year-old in custody, following the execution of a search warrent.

Police say that approximately $200,000 worth of stolen goods, was recovered at a property, east of Boyle on Wednesday.

Some of items seized during the execution of the warrent include a travel trailer, skid steer, side by side, flat deck trailers, vehicles, plus other items.

Police believe the vehicles were stolen from various locales in northern Alberta, including Lac La Biche, Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Cold Lake.

Charges are pending against the 40 year-old.

They are expected to be laid at the conclusion of the investigation.

RCMP Seeking Public's Help...

Athabasca RCMP are looking to the public for help in solving a case of theft.

Reports indicate that on, or around  Monday, a mid-size sedan was stolen from a dealership in town.

The public's help is required.

Any information on this case is to be forwarded to Athabasca RCMP or Crimestoppers.

April 10th
Allergy Season Has Hit...

The snow is melting, spring is in the air, and allergies are hitting hard.

With the snow melting, the dust, pollen, and snow mold are being uncovered.

That means a case of the sneezes and sniffles may be on the horizon, if they haven't hit already.

Dr. Kathryn Koliaska is a senior medical officer of health for the north zone of Alberta Health Services.

She says the severity of the symptoms will depend on how you treat them.

Dr. Koliaska says the nieve factor of the patient also plays into effect on how severe the symptoms are.

April 9th
County Council Meeting...

The County of Athabasca has a position to fill.

At the beginning of the meeting, Council went in camera, and when they came out, it was learned that CAO Gary Buchanan was revoked from his position.

The County has appointed Director of Corporate Services Brian Pysyk as the interim CAO, until a replacement can be found.


County Council has chosen Integrated Airport System LTD as the tendor for lights at the Athabasca Airport.

The Airport has been labelled as as Code 3 Airport, based on use.

The Precision Approach Path Indicator Lighting System will be installed, as per Canadian standards.


The County has officially received their Federal Gas Tax Grant.

Over $420,000 has been earmarked for the County from Alberta Transportation.

The funds have been allocation to cover part of the costs for the paving project on First Avenue and the Cul-de-Sac in Wandering River.

April 8th
Drug Bust, North Of Wandering River

Boyle RCMP have one person in custody after a traffic stop, north of Wandering River.

Reports indicate that on the afternoon of March 27th, a large quantity of drugs was seized during the traffic stop on Highway 63 at Kilometre 70.

The stop was made because the registered owner had outstanding warrents.

A total of 432 grams of power cocaine, 125 grams of rock cocaine, and 20 grams of marijuana were seized

A 29 year-old man from Calgary is facing trafficking and possession charges.

He has been released on bail, to appear in Boyle Court later this month.

The cocaine seized has a street value of approximately $45,000.

April 7th
RCMP Seeking Public's Help

Athabasca RCMP are looking for the public's help in solving a couple of cases of Break and Enter.

Police reports indicate that early on Friday morning, both the Colinton Bowling Alley and the Post Office were broken into.

Police are asking for any information on these cases.

Any information is to be forwarded to Athabasca RCMP or Crimestoppers.

April 4th
Athabasca to be Re-Constructed

The town of Athabasca will be under construction this summer.

Gas Mains will be replaced throughout town.

The project will be in four phases, as construction will take place around EPC, in the East section of the downtown, in the West section of the downtown, and the west end will all have their Gas Mainlines replaced.

A similar project took place on the East Hill last year.

Notice will be given by AltaGas, the main company behind the project.

Some impacts will be happening to service in town.

The construction will be taking place, starting in May and continuing through October.

April 3rd
County Receiving Grants...

The County of Athabasca is receiving financial support for their Intern Program.

The provincial Municipal Affairs Department has granted support for the Internship Program for Administrators.

$24,000 in grant money will be supplied to help cover costs of supporting the current intern, who is Lynsey Race, for a second year.

As a condition of the grant, the County will enter into a conditional grant agreement with the province.


The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties is asking the Province to amend the Alberta Safety Code.

The Amendment would be to recommend the installation of Automated External Defibrillators in public facilities and schools.

Community Halls have been legislated to have these defibrillators on site.

April 2nd
RCMP & OHS Investigating Death

Authorities in the Boyle region are continuing their investigation into a death on the work site, north of Wandering River.

Reports indicate that on Monday morning, Police were alerted of a missing employee, at Kilometre 98 on Highway 63.

With help from the police dog service, the missing employee's body was found a short distance away.

It is said that the 37 year-old was working on Highway Construction.

While the death is not considered suspicious, Occupational Health and Safety has been called in to investigate.

It is believed the weather played a role in the incident, as the temperature was -25 with the wind chill at the time.

Names of the deceased and the company are being withheld.

April 1st
RCMP Seeks Public's Help

Athabasca RCMP are looking to the public for help in solving a case of theft.

Police say that on or around March 23rd, several vehicles in the Athabasca area had their tires stolen.

The public's help is required.

Any information on this case is to be forwarded to Athabasca RCMP or Crimestoppers.

Two Wabasca Teachers Recognized

***Courtesy Newcap News Network***

Two teachers in Wabasca are being rewarded for their work.

Robert Rowland of St. Theresa School and Judy Meyer of Mistassiniy School in the Wabasca-Desmarais area, have been nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Award by the province of Alberta.

The Northland School Division says that Rowland was nominated for his unique approach to teaching.

His use of music to help children learn and how he interacts with his students, gave him the nomination.

Meanwhile, Meyer received her recognition for her ability to engage students and help them achieve success.

Meyer is also being recognized for work with extra-curricular activities.

Finalists will be announced later this month.

March 31st
MOU Signed for New EPC

The steps have been taken, now the work can begin.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been entered into the picture in the proposal for the new Edwin Parr Composite High School.

Brian LeMessurier (Le-Measure) is the Superintendant of the Aspenview School Division.

He explains that the document is an entitlement.

No opening date has been finalized for the new school, as of yet.

March 28th
RCMP Says Beware of Phone Scam

Athabasca RCMP is warning the public about a current telephone scam.

Police say that a caller will phone the residence and claim to be an investigator with the Canada Revenue agency.

The caller will identify themselves and provide a false investigator number

The caller would then demand that you pay your outstanding tax bill, or the RCMP will come to your residence and arrest you.

The caller would also ask that you obtain a "Government Certified Card", which is a prepaid Credit Card to pay the bill.

The caller does stress that you take immediate action before the police arrives and arrests you.

The RCMP says that this not the way the Tax Department or the RCMP conducts their business.

Authorities advise you to not fall for this trap and rush to pay your taxes in this manner.

March 27th
RCMP Seek Public's Help

Athabasca RCMP are looking for the public's help in solving a case of Break, Enter and Theft.

Police reports indicate that the Break-in occured sometime between last Sunday and last Tuesday, at a cabin, west of Perryvale.

Items reported stolen include a red Honda ATV, three wood stoves, a skinning knife and an air compressor and nailer.

Any information on this case is to be forwarded to Athabasca RCMP or Crimestoppers.

March 26th
Johnson Optimistic on Education Budget

News in and around the Legislature is now focused on the upcoming PC Leadership Race, but it is still business as usual, leading up to it.

Education Minister Jeff Johnson is still saying that funding for education is going in the right direction, despite the tough budget in 2013.

Johnson says money is being allocated all over the province.

The excitement is still in the air about the proposed new Pipeline Training Center that is being scheduled for the Boyle Campus of Portage College.

March 25th
Headliners Announced for River Rats

The 2014 Magnificiant River Rats Festivals is getting set for June 30th and July 1st, and the headliners have been announced.

Unwed Mothers, Tupelo Honey, and Big Sugar will be making their way to Athabasca for the festival.

Irene Fitzsimmons is with the organizing committee.

She says volunteers are needed for the Festival.

Fitzsimmons says the line-up for July 1st will be announced later.

Music Festival...

They put their musical talents on display.

The 41st annual Athabasca and District Music Festival took place this month.

The event culminated with the final concert at the Nancy Appleby Theatre.

Ida Edwards is the organizer of the event.

She says the festival was a success.

The festval is adjudicated, and there were a total of eight recommendations for performance at Provincials.

March 24th
Mavericks Play Athabasca

They were dancing in the aisles and having a great time.

About 600 people filed into the Fieldhouse at the Multiplex to see the Mavericks in Concert.

Robert Reynolds of the Mavericks says seeing everyone have a good time, is what it's all about.

In the meantime, Randy J Martin from Karizma Entertainment produced the show.

He says the band was great.

Whitney Rose, an up-and-coming country star from Eastern Canada was the opening act.

Truck Rollover at the New Interchange Construction Site

Paul McCartney!

Power Transformer Exploding from Hurrican Sandy

Felix Baumgartner's Jump
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