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The RIVER Launch

On August 17, 2009 at 6 AM, 94.1 The RIVER was launched, broadcasting at 9000 watts.

The change came after 21 years of broadcasting on the AM Band. 


The old 850 AM Transmitter was turned off about 2 months later.


To listen to the launch of The RIVER, click here.



Let us know what you think of 94.1 The RIVER! 

Comments (total comments:4)
Robert drake Said:

found your station on the internet and we listen regularly. we''d listen in our car but, alas, we reside in south haven, michigan. you''ve got a great station and great play lists. keep up the good work!!

Posted: 12/11/2009 10:58:31 AM
Cordell Said:

great music and coverage of certain events, but, did you know that joe rodier from boyle is running the olympic torch on friday nov. 6 in fort mac. maybe deserves a little mention on your station, it is once in a life time and close to home.

Posted: 11/4/2009 4:34:04 PM
Emma Said:

finally a radio station worth tuning into. loved last nights'' late tunes. :)

Posted: 8/29/2009 4:20:31 PM
Mnypny Said:

i spent the weekend at a cabin at baptiste lake and we listened to the river all weekend. it was great! i like the variety of music...it''s crazy! also the fact that there were very few commercials was great. keep it up!!

Posted: 8/26/2009 4:29:28 PM

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