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Heather Seefried

20 Random Things to Know About Heather Seefried

  • I have never broken a bone in my body ever! (Fingers crossed I keep it that way)

  • My hometown is Fort Assiniboine, Alberta! (Another lovely place situated right beside the Athabasca River)

  • After the skittles commercial came out where they plant a skittle and a skittle tree grew, I ACTUALLY planted an entire bag of skittles in my parents garden in hopes of growing my own skittle trees. You can guess how that turned out....

  • I hate shopping for myself, but I love shopping for gifts for other people!

  • I was in 4-H for many, many years. I was in a multi-club, so over the years I took the projects Woodworking, Crafts, Canine, Photography, Interior Design, Outdoorsman and Cooking. My favourite thing about 4-H was public speaking.

  • I LOVE water! Favourite drink ever!

  • I don't watch a lot of Reality TV shows. Totally prefer a scripted sitcom, like Big Bang Theory or Parks and Recreation.

  • I grew up on a small acreage. I use to name all our baby calves with names from Disney movies and from stories about Camelot.

  • I love to read...have way to many Nora Roberts books in my collection and I still read a ton of books classified as “young adult/teen fiction”

  • In my Grade 12 year I was an exchange student with the Barrhead Rotary Club. I lived in Sweden for one year. I speak fluent Swedish, might correct you on the proper way to say “Ikea” and I've been back to Sweden twice since my exchange. It is my second favourite country behind Canada.

  • My mom makes the world's best French Toast and it is my favourite food.

  • I really want to take a trip to New York and just go to Broadway plays and musicals the entire time.

  • Before I started in Radio, I got a Diploma in Technical Theatre Production from Red Deer College and worked a few years as a Theatre Technician.

  • I attended SAIT for my Radio Diploma.

  • I think it is easier to drive in Edmonton than in Calgary.

  • I scare easily. For that reason, I don't watch horror movies. Can't handle them.

  • I LOVE MUSIC! I have way too many favourite songs, artists and bands to list, but I will state my favourite artist is Paul Brandt. His was the first CD I ever bought and if I ever met him I would probably be speechless and possibly hug him and never let go. It would end embarrassingly.

  • My biggest fear is mice.

  • Christmas is my favourite holiday.

  • I'm so excited and happy to be working in Athabasca. Everyone has been so inviting and friendly from the moment I stepped into town. Really loving my life here!

If you ever want to chat, are interested in appearing on the show or have something to add to community events, give me a call at the station at 675-5301 or send me an email at hseefried@newcap.ca! I look forward to chatting with you!


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